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ICanFindAWay was built for B2C, B2B, entrepenures, freelancers and beginners. It is our mission to help you achieve your true potential. We provide tools, training, support and guidance you need to become a successful online niche website builder. Our beleif  is that you will gain a rewarding experience that can lead to the success you deserve.  To find out more about our service please click the button below.

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With our powerful approach and experienced team, you can discover your niche sales funnel builing potential for yourself and build a long term business that thrives.
This is perfect for you if you are:

  • Struggling to find purpose... gain confidence and find passion
  • lack resources and guidance... unlock your true niche potential
  • Are you stuck in a dead end system... unlock your sale stratergy niche success
  • Want more freedom... spend more time on what you love


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Workshop & Webinar:

Our podcast covers topics that entrepreneurs and business owners care about- topics from innovation, niches, to networking, to sales and marketing. Every episode brings you fresh perspectives and actionable takeaways that can help you succeed. Tune in and get inspired. Listen To More!

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Just Getting Started - The System Workshop:
Episode 143 will arm you with creative ideas and actionable advice that can help you succeed in your business. Get ready to be inspired and take away value that you can implement immediately. Don't miss out!  Join To Learn More

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The Tools For The Aspireing niche Entrepenure - Auto Webinar:
The ultimate blueprint to unlock success. Learn from veterans in the field and elevate your business strategy.
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ICanFaw Entreprenure:

Carol B is on a mission to show individuals and businesses alike the power of imagination and creativity in achieving success.  

Drawing from various real life experiences from entrepenures and freelancers across the globe, practical advice and lessons from personal successes, and a team of experts, Carol B provides a funnel builing B2C way to start discovering the potential of your business and brand. Unlock your true potential and get started niche building today.


Proven Outcomes:


"Amy Smith says, 'Carol B is the best. They provided me with the resources and guidance I needed to unlock my true potential, and gave me the confidence to take control of my success and experience the results I deserve."

Amy Smith


"Andy Morings says, 'Carol B helped me achieve my goals quickly. With their unique approach to unlocking potential and guidance, I was able to experience success faster than I ever thought possible."

Andy Morings


"Neil Kenel 'Carol B helped me find my passion. They provided me with the tools and guidance I needed to gain control of  my passion, I also gained confidence to take control of my bussiness success and gained the freeom I deserve."

Neil , Kenel